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Royal brisbane & womens hospital

a.k.a. RBWH

The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (a.k.a. RBWH) occupies a vast area of land in Herston, one of Brisbane’s inner city suburbs, as can be seen from the Google Earth photo above.  About 600,000 people are treated here annually.  The hospital provides medical care to patients from throughout the Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory, as well as countries in the South West Pacific.  At the time of writing, the RBWH was one of the largest teaching hospitals in the southern hemisphere, the second largest hospital in Australia, and is listed as one of the top 100 hospitals in the world. 

There has been a Brisbane hospital at the Herston site since 1867.  As Queensland’s population grew, so did the demand for health care and many buildings have been added to the site, but a number of the original buildings (now heritage listed) remain, dwarfed by the hospital’s modern multi-storey buildings.  Very roughly, the light coloured buildings on the right are the main parts of the hospital, the historical old buildings are within the areas with trees, and the buildings to the left are given over to research, teaching and patient rehabilitation. 

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