beads fighting cancer

about me

My name is Irene Krieger and I live in sunny Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, with my husband of 45 years.  Prior to retiring, I had a long career in soft crafts, writing technical articles and designing patterns for several magazines around the world, so I am well used to putting words down.  Alongside this, I worked as an exhibition organiser, promoting those crafts, and I also had my own business selling my instructional books and my pattern range.

I have been making beads for over ten years now, starting on a Hothead and then moving to a dual fuel torch about seven years ago.   I love sitting at the torch experimenting, letting my ideas take me off in any direction they want, and I especially enjoy exploring an aspect of beadmaking and finding new ways to work with it.  If you have ever seen any of my Facebook posts, you will know that I am meticulous in my research.  I leave no stone unturned. 

A lot of my torch time is spent making Bravery Beads.  Bravery Beads are given to sick children to cheer them up during their treatment.  All of the “icon” beads on my website are bravery beads.

To learn more about bravery beads, see more of mine, and read how bravery beads have impacted on some people’s lives, click on the link opposite.

IK with Guild stall 2 resized
Selling my beads at an open day. 100% of proceeds went to the spit trial.
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Concentrating hard at a class