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how it works - in a nutshell

Donate to research into early detection of Head & Neck Cancers at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital (RBWH), via the beads4research page on the RBWH Foundation website and receive lampwork and craft tutorials.  By donating directly, you can be sure that every cent is going to the hospital. 

Please read the Terms & Conditions below.

how it works - full version

Read “in a nutshell” above first, then –

Choose the tutorials you would like to receive.  A minimum donation in Australian dollars is given with the information for each tutorial.   If you would like to donate more than the suggested minimum, or even just round up the final figure, the hospital will put the extra to very good use.  Every cent makes a difference.  Should you want more than one tutorial, there is no need to donate separately for each one.  Add the amounts up and make a single donation.

Donate to the research  by clicking on the “donate now” button which appears at the bottom of this page, on several other pages of this website, and in the navigation menu at the top of the web pages.  This will take you to the “donate now” page where there is a link to the beads4research page on the RBWH Foundation website.  The Foundation supports many types of research and using the link will ensure that your donation goes to help fund the early detection of head and neck cancers.  Donations can be made by credit card or PayPal.  Please remember that the currency used is Australian dollars.  If you are making a donation from outside Australia, PayPal or your credit card company will take care of converting the Australian dollar amount to your currency.  Your donation amount will appear in your own currency on your statement.

After making your donation, return to this site (, and go to the “contact me” page.  Using the email address provided on the Contact Me page,  email me with the RBWH receipt number, how much you have donated, and which tutorials you would like to receive.   There is no time limit on claiming your tutorials.   

The PDFs of the tutorials you requested will be sent to you by email.  Please ensure that that you have enough capacity in your inbox for the files to be accepted.  The file sizes are given with the information for each tutorial.

Whilst I will make every effort to send the tutorials as soon as possible, please make allowances for global time differences.  Occasionally, if we are busy with medical appointments and such, or if we are away, it might take a couple of days to get back to you.  If we are travelling remotely where wifi availability is, at best, sporadic, it is likely to take even longer, so please allow for that too.

If you experience any difficulties or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by one of the methods shown on the Contact Me page.

Before donating, please read the Terms & Conditions below.

Terms & Conditions

All amounts quoted are in Australian dollars.   

Only donations made to the RBWH Foundation via the beads4research page on their website will qualify for tutorials.

No printed copies of the tutorials will be supplied.  All tutorials will be sent in electronic format (PDF) as an email attachment, on receipt of proof of your donation to the RBWH Foundation.

If more than one tutorial is requested, they might be sent in separate emails.

The tutorials are intended for the use of the person who made the donation only, and are supplied on the understanding that they will not be shared, electronically or by any other means.

By making a donation, it is assumed you have read and understood the terms and conditions, and agree to be bound by them.

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