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beads fighting cancer

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The back story

In March 2020, my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  He was totally asymptomatic, until one morning he felt a tiny lump under one ear.  Three weeks later, after many tests and a biopsy, we got the news that no-one wants.  There was a tumour on the back of his tongue.  Three weeks after that, he began seven weeks of daily radiation and weekly chemotherapy at the Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital (a.k.a. RBWH).  Eighteen months on, he is cancer free and passing every review with flying colours.  Long may it continue!

The cause of his tumour was viral.  Viral head and neck cancers are on the increase world-wide, particularly in men, and no-one knows why.  About half way through my husband’s treatment, the universe sent us a message.  On the TV evening news, “his” radiation oncologist, Professor Liz Kenny AO, was interviewed about research into early detection of head and neck cancers.  The team at the RBWH and UQ had developed a spit test and funds were needed for the trials.  We had cancelled two holidays because of my husband’s cancer, and we immediately decided to donate the insurance refunds to the research project. 

Research requires ongoing funds, and there is a limit to how much we can donate personally.  I had been in discussions with an online beadmaking magazine regarding writing tutorials and articles.  Two had already supplied, and I was exploring topics for more.  Before they were published, for personal reasons, (happy ones) the owner of the magazine decided to close it down.  It seemed a shame for all my work and ideas to go to waste, and I had the idea to exchange tutorials for a donation to research into head and neck cancers at the Royal Brisbane & Womens Hospital (RBWH) – and that’s how this bead4research project came about. 

Of course, you can donate even if you don’t want any tutorials.  Just click on  “donate now” below or on the navigation menu at the top of the page (the four horizontal lines top left if viewing on a tablet or mobile) to be directed to the beads4research page on the RBWH Foundation website.

The motto of the RBWH Foundation (the charity supporting the RBWH) is “Every donation is a gift of time”, and there is no better way to express the difference every dollar raised will make.  There are many people who would not be here now if it wasn’t for previous research.  My Reinhard is probably one of them.

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Click on  “Hospital” to read about the RBWH, its history, research at the RBWH, and the role of the RBWH Foundation.

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